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We are always trying to improve.  Management at Pivot Rock is always interested in hearing your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to tell us what we did great or what we can improve upon.  A member of our management team will respond to you promptly.

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  • What is Loan Servicing?

    Pivot Rock provides loan servicing for dealerships and financial institutions, which simply means that we handle all of the customer service, receiving and posting of payments and collections for the accounts.  All terms of the contract remain the same, and the dealership or finance company is still the owner of the loan, but they have hired Pivot Rock to manage their loans in order to provide their customers with excellent service and numerous payment options.

  • Will the terms of my contract change?

    Pivot Rock is simply handling the customer service and account management for your contract.  None of the terms or conditions of your contract will change.  The only difference is that you will make your payments to us instead of the dealership or financial institution on the contract.

  • Who is Pivot Rock Solutions?

    Pivot Rock Solutions provides various services to auto dealerships and finance companies in the United States.  These services include loan servicing, deficiency collections, portfolio analysis, underwriting and verifications, collections training and consulting.  If you are a consumer who has been contacted by Pivot Rock, it is because your finance company or BHPH dealership has contracted with us to service that account.  By servicing your account, we will collect payments on your account and provide you payment coupons, payoffs, and proper accounting of your principal and interest payments.  

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    One time payments with a check or credit or debit card can be made through this site by clicking the \"Make a Payment\" button to the left.  Please note, you will need your vehicle's VIN number the first time you log in.

    To pay by telephone, or to set up Recurring Payments via check, credit or debit card, simply contact our office at 855-789-7988 and speak with your account representative.

    You can make a payment with a check or money order in person or via mail at our office located at:

    3605 S Tamarac Drive

    Denver, CO  80237

    We do not accept cash payments.  Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday 8 am to 12 pm.  For after hours payments, we have a secure drop box located in the front of our building for your convenience.

  • Why is Pivot Rock calling me?

    If you are receiving calls from Pivot Rock, it is probably because the company financing your vehicle has contracted with us to handle the servicing of the account.  It is critical that you return our calls and maintain communication with our office.  You can call us at 1-855-789-7988 or send us a message through this site.

  • Can I still make my payment at the dealership?

    Most dealers will not accept payments on your account after it has been transferred to Pivot Rock for servicing.  The dealership has outsourced the servicing of your account to us to insure timely posting of your payments and excellent customer service.  Continued communication regarding your account through the dealership simply delays our receipt of the information, so it is best to communicate with us directly.  Our toll free number is 1-855-789-7988.

  • Do you report to the credit bureaus?

    Because we do not own your loan, but are simply servicing it, the credit bureaus do not allow us to report directly to them.  We do, however, provide the dealership or finance company with the credit reporting files so they can report the information to the credit bureaus.

  • My vehicle was repossessed. Why do I still owe on the account?

    Per the "Retail Installment Contract" you signed when you purchased the vehicle, you agreed to pay the remaining price of the vehicle in installments.  When you stopped making payments, the vehicle was repossessed and sold.  The amount the vehicle was sold for, minus any expenses associated with the repossession or sale was applied to your account.  If there was a balance remaining, you are still responsible for that amount.  Feel free to contact us directly for additional information on deficiency balances at 1-855-789-7988.